Terms And Conditions


  • Payment for lessons and recording service must be made within 24 hours of the booking of the lesson via Swish, PayPal (or credit card) or Klarna. Lesson slots without payment completion will not be kept reserved. You will receive a confirmation email with further payment details if needed.

  • Upon a trial lesson, if you want to continue with a package of lessons after, there will be a 48 hours reservation of the trial lesson slot upon which it will be let go and provided to other students. We have no guarantee after 48 hours that the same slot will be available.
  • We have a strict “no credit policy” and reserve the right to refuse teaching a student until the fees is paid in full.
  • Reserving of slots for future lessons is available by paying the full amount in advance.



    • Once the package is started, there is no refund for unused or cancelled lessons

    • In case of inevitable termination of lessons, we will cancel the remaining lessons issue a voucher to compensate for the unattended lessons (with validity period of 2 months, and the voucher can be transferred to another person)



    • If the student is running late for their lesson, the class will still finish on time as this affects our later classes. Your assistance to arrive on time and to notify us if you are running late is appreciated.



    • We understand that most late cancellations are due to factors like work, school commitments and other things out of your control, however we ask for your understanding that your vocal coach has already set aside this timeslot for the day for your lesson. If you cannot attend your lesson, the vocal coach will still have to be remunerated, and therefore we will still charge for the lesson.
    • There may be times when your regular teacher is sick and unavailable (annual leave etc). In these cases, we will let you know of your cancelled lessons at the earliest hour (24 hrs before the lesson) and take compensatory measures.  We seek your understanding in both cases.



    There is no refund for unused or cancelled lessons.

    The only exception to this is the case of illness where the Medical Certificate  is provided. The teacher will provide the new lesson if you wish to come and practice when there are free time in schedule. 

    CANCELATION BEFORE 24 HOURSThere is full refund for unused or cancelled lessons. Or we can suggest you and book a new time in our free time in schedule.



    • All materials used on this site are copyrighted. No part of the materials may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the principal.

    • Recording of the exercises, or part of the lesson is only possible upon the coach’s permission, and it must not be the entire lesson.

    • We reserve the right to take pictures or videos of the students during classes, recording sessions, or performances for keeping track of our students’ progress, to provide better feedback and for purposes of professional discussion.

    • We may seek your permission prior to the use of your pictures or videos for publicity and promotional purposes.



    • For all communication related to scheduling or lesson enquiries outside the class time, students MUST communicate through contact form and shall respect the vocal teacher's operating hours. It is to protect the privacy of both coaches and students, as well as aligning all communication channel.

    • The teacher is not responsible to provide her personal contact number or respond to your personal questions or enquiries outside their lesson hours, other than through BEYOND CLASS FEEDBACK.



    • Discontinuing of the lessons are not possible once the package has started, and there is no refund. Students can notify the teacher to cancel the lessons from the following package.

    • Students who are rude or threatening will not be re-enrolled past their currently ongoing and pre-paid lessons and we reserve the right to discontinue enrolment when students have breached our terms and conditions.

    • Students have the right to terminate the lesson due to the coach  threatening behaviours or breaching of terms and conditions.

    • If you are unable to attend your regular lesson timing for 2 weeks out of the month, we may not be able to continue to reserve this fixed timeslot for you. This is because we have a waitlist for students who can attend each week and we need to make this available to those students who are able to commit to their lessons.

    *Please note that when a student or guardian fills out and signs a registration form, they agree to the terms and conditions listed above. If you have any questions, please contact us through e-mail: contact@singwithana.com 

    Thank you!