Some facts, before you start signing!

Singing is a natural form of musical expression.
Singing can bring you joy, pump you up, bring you to tears, calm your emotions, soothe a crying child, help you fall in love, and so much more.  If you want to take karaoke to the next level and improve your vocal skills, you  need to take singing lessons.

But before you get started your lessons , there are certain things you need to know:

  1. Breathing

A massive part of learning to sing is about learning how to breathe. Most people find that when they breathe in their chest rises: this is after all what comes naturally. But through developing your posture, practising breathing exercises and singing regularly you will start to master deeper diaphragmatic breathing. Breathing well will improve your sound

      2. Everyday practice

It’s great that you are taking lessons with a singing teacher, but is there anything you can do to get results even quicker? If you want to developer your voice and to make it stronger, brighter, cleaner and more technical, you have to practice your singing everyday. 
The more you do it, the quicker the results happen.

      3. Listen to yourself

Hearing yourself sing is a great way to see where your voice needs improvement. You will be able to tell what you need to practice if you record yourself singing and listen back. The more you do this, the better you will become at finding improvement moments in your vocal.

      4. Find yourself in music

Every person is different and every voice is also unique, has certain notes and scales that suits them better. Find out what your style, type of music is closer to your sound and choose songs that fit in with your ability.

Would you like to enlist the help of a teacher to take your singing to the next level? You are welcome on my private vocal lessons in Orebro!)